We offer a wide variety of tax and accounting services to both individuals and businesses. The categories below highlight a number of the services we can assist you with; contact us to find out how we can best help meet your tax and accounting needs.

Our services are priced individually; please call or e-mail us to discuss your specific needs, and we can present you with an estimate.

  • Preparation of Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Preparation of Business Tax Returns
    • Corporations-Form 1120 & 1120S
    • Limited Liability Companies
    • Partnerships-Form 1065
    • Fiduciary Trusts-Form 1041
  • Estimated Income Tax Preparation
  • Preparation of Meals Tax Reports
    • Electronic Filing of required meals tax returns
    • Payments of meals tax due
  • Preparation of Sales Tax Reports
    • Electronic Filing of required sales tax returns
    • Payments of sales tax due

  • General Ledger Preparation
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Quickbooks Support
  • Accounting System Set-up for New Business

  • Calculations of Employee Earnings and Withholdings
  • Preparation of Printed Checks or Direct Deposit Services
  • Online 24/7 Remote Payroll Data Entry
    • Send us your employees’ hours from anywhere, any time of day
  • Preparation of quarterly payroll reports
    • Federal 941 reports
    • Massachusetts M-942 (STW)
    • Massachusetts Unemployment Reporting
    • Massachusetts W-R1
    • New Hampshire Unemployment Reporting
  • Payment services for quarterly taxes due
  • Preparation of year-end payroll reports
    • Federal 940 report
    • Federal forms W-2 & W-3
    • Massachusetts W-3
  • Preparation of required independent contractor filings (if applicable)
    • Federal form 1099
    • Federal form 1096
  • Posting of payroll expenses to general ledger (if applicable)
  • Monthly reconciliation of payroll checking account & bank statements
  • Weekly funding of payroll account from regular operating account
  • Delivery of payroll to client’s office (via courier or US mail)

A Tax Audit can be a stressful and confusing process for a taxpayer or business. Finocchiaro Taxes & Accounting offers audit services for both Federal and State taxation authorities.

Audit Representation Services often include the following:

  • Review of previously-filed tax returns
  • Meetings with the client to clarify tax issues
  • Meetings before the IRS or State Department of Revenue
  • Preparation of amended tax returns

During difficult times, it is possible for people to fall behind on payments to the IRS or the State Department of Revenue. Ignoring the issue is the worst strategy possible, as it is common for people in these situations to experience liens, levies, or garnishments. When you have a collections issue with a taxing authority, seek representation as early as possible.

Finocchiaro Taxes & Accounting can get you through this process and on your way to being on better terms with the IRS or State Taxing Authority.

Our collection representation services include the following:

  • Federal or State Collection Negotiations
  • Meetings with the client to clarify the situation
  • Preparation of required documents, such as 433A and 433B
  • Communication with the IRS or State Collections Officers